On the way by means of those mines one has ample chance of observing the miners when at their operate, and the photographs represent some standard scenes, as observed wherever there is certainly some mining activity.

On a comfortable and spacious- ferry accommodating twenty-five persons, the opposite shore with the lake is reached, exactly where the strains of music after initial sounding very lustily develop weaker by degrees, finally dying out fully in those underground spaces.

After then traversing a quick gallery, 195 feet in length, the return towards the Rudolph pit is created, the elevator of which requires the traveler back again to daylight, right after an underground journey of nearly two miles, which has left an everlasting impression on the mind.

The salt mines comprise eight principal pits, a few of that are upwards of 900 feet in depth, furthermore to as a lot of as sixty shafts of upwards of two miles aggregate depth. In connection with a number of the main pits are installed rock-salt mills and electrical lighting plants, and with the "Elizabeth" pit, a smithy along with a finishing shop. In connection with all the "Rudolph" pit might be discovered a steam engine specially intended for operating the elevator conveying the guests to the mine.

The mines type a lengthy oval figure under the town of considerable dimensions, becoming twenty-two miles in length and one particular half mile in central width. The aggregate length of your galleries at present accessible, quality replica watches is upwards of sixty-five miles and that of mining railways twenty-two miles.

The stunning wooden galleries * operating alongside its walls are utilized in supervising the latter and impart to the hall a most artistic appearance.

The station subsequent reached on the tourist's round could be the Archduke Frederick Grotto, ninety feet in height, the floor of which lies at a level with all the third key floor of your mine. Through the descent over serpentine paths, after a lot more is enjoyed the merry strains in the mining orchestra, installed at the lowest point with the hall, in which numberless red flames burning at a distance conjure up by far the most wonderful regions.

Beside a rock salt lustre as well as a monument of the Archduke Rainer hewn from pure salt spar within a nook in the hall, 1 passes on for the third major floor or horizon-situated at 410 feet depth, exactly where a beautifully preserved artistic statue of the Archangel Michael, dating from 1691, is usually admired. Thence the way results in the Count Goluchowski Hall, imitation tag heuer watches 153 feet in length and 48 feet in height, which was worked through 1652 to 1656. In 1864, this hall, in honor of your Galician governor, Count A. Goluchowski, was named right after him and converted into a mining railway station on account of your variety of mining techniques terminating there. copy tag heuer watches

Its beautiful platform decorated having a number of colored lanterns and offered with numerous benches, readily accommodates 400 persons, and vacationers normally avail themselves of their keep within this a part of the mine for taking a quick rest, right after which they might watch leisurely the Bengal fires lighted on a pyramid of loose salt blocks. They then take a look at the last two sights of this underground globe, viz.: the Crown Prince Rudolph and Crown Prince Stephany grottoes, connected by a tunnel 31 feet in length. Each and every of those is 112 feet in length, 45 feet in height and" about 15 feet in width. Numberless lights illuminate the beautiful outlines of an underground lake, from whose salt waters emerges a statue of St. John of Nepomuk, swiss replica tag heuer which is surrounded by fir trees and wonderful stalactites.

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